A Typical 7 Day Schedule:

  1. Day One – travel day
  2. Day Two – five organizing day and screening for surgery
  3. Day Three – clinics/ surgery/ construction/ children’s ministry/
  4. Day Four – clinics/ surgery/ construction/ children’s ministry/
  5. Day Five – clinics/ surgery/ construction/ children’s ministry/
  6. Day Six – cultural day visiting local sights and seeing the uniqueness of Belize
  7. Day Seven – travel day home.

Trip cost includes all meals and costs minus certain cultural day costs and travel day meals.

Comments From First-Time Participants

It was an awesome experience. I’m so glad that I was a part of this!

Surgical Nurse

My mind’s eye is full of the pictures of Belize. The people, their homes,their livlihood, their needs…and of all of your smiling faces,and hearts for God. It IS a bit emotional returning to our reality. I will continue to pray for those people,and for all of you. I feel very fortunate to have served alongside of you all.

Family Practice Doctor

It was difficult to say goodbye to everyone, some in Houston and the rest in Cincy. This was my first mission trip and I loved it! I loved serving alongside everyone on the team. And the people of Belize are beautiful.

Children’s ministry volunteer