We made it to the island on Thursday. The group from Greensboro ran into a delayed flight in Miami bringing them to Belize City at 1 PM. We split the team into two groups, with the first group catching a boat from Belize City at 1:30 and the second group followed at 3 PM. It was fun to drive into Belize City and take the boat across the beautiful blue water. The ride took 70 minutes, but the first team stopped at 3 places. We checked into Corona Del Mar and found that we can walk to the church we are painting and walk to the clinic. We went to Fidos ( a nice local eattery) for dinner. We walked back down the beach to our hotel after dinner in the dark. It gets dark at 6:30 PM here. All were tired and ready for bed.

We woke up to a beautiful morning looking out to palm trees and blue waters. The hotel is really cute and the staff is so friendly. There is a small dock with boats tied up. We met for continental breakfast at 6:30 AM. The hotel had hard boiled eggs, fresh fruit, toast and jelly or peanut butter. The team moved out to the shade of a palm tree to have moring devotions and orientation for the day. The church painting team headed over and found ladders and paint and began painting the sides of the church and the trim. The medical team examined the drugs to see what needs to be purchased locally and what gaps are present in the drugs on hand. A large number of drugs were left by mistake at the doctors office in Cincinnati and the cost for shipping them and the time to arrive makes it impractical to ship them. The medical team has visited the clinic space and is ready to start tomorrow. Friday 2:50 PM Belize Time.