On February 9th, the week two team left Tony’s and headed for the airport where they boarded the same planes that team three arrived upon from Houston, Miami, and Atlanta.The Houston team had some slight difficulties in that they all missed their connection. So seventeen of them spent long hours at the Houston Airport after getting up at 3 AM and hoping to be in Belize by 11:15, they arrived at 3:40 PM instead. It keeps United special in our hearts, but after a good nights sleep all was forgiven. There was a beautiful sunset at 6 PM after the team arrived from their two hour trip from the airport and sat for dinner at Tony’s Inn and Beach Resort on the Bay of Corozal. As we went to bed, we were 45 in number and waiting for two more on Friday.
Friday, a few headed on a five AM bike ride, but most were just happy to sleep till the 6:30 AM breakfast call. Everyone came to breakfast and introduced themselves and told what team they were serving on and if they had been to Belize on mission before. A good third are brand new this year.
The Village Team split in three parts to help at two hospitals, screening patients for the Surgery Team, and organizing the massive numbers of bulk medicines before the first day of clinics in rural villages.
As the teams split up there were some complications that arose. Well, to be honest someone locked the keys in a van. Van number four to be exact. The rental company is two hours away. We have six vans and they are numbered and assigned to go to certain places each day. Today that was the Corozal Hospital with surgery supplies and a screening team, or the Orange Walk Hospital, or to town to buy other supplies. We keep phones for each van. Our name tags have the number for the phone assigned to each van, so we always know how to reach each other. Always, except if we loose a phone or a key (two weeks ago, we heard that they forgot a van at a hospital and had the keys but no van when it was time to leave in the morning). The van that was accidentally locked was locked right when we were loading to see patients at Corozal Hospital. But, the team took a different van and a locksmith was called. Our Logistics Team stayed to meet them and then bring the van with the locked up surgery supply bags.

Locksmith to rescue Gringos

Many of the Village Team had a long hot day counting medicine under the shady roof of the outdoor palapa. While we worked to get things ready for the day, the construction workers fabricated their steel rebar for a concrete pour the next day. We did a lot of preparation before getting here, but today was the first day to meet each other after real sleep and get our structures and relationships prepared for battle.