The team progressed through five more cases. With three anesthesia and a alternating team for the surgery room, nurses are off and on while Dr. Jay operates in two different rooms. While one is busy, the next is being set up for the next case and then back to the other room and team. One of the most positive developments is the chance to work with local hospital staff, who help to clean the rooms and move the patients, sterilize instruments, and access the supplies and medicines as needed. At first, the team was assuming they would be all alone. This picture is only a few of the staff with Dr. Logeman and Cardella.

Some of our team got to get inside the eye clinic as well. The idea of having a stand alone facility with all the specialized equipment needed, is extremely attractive. They have three exam rooms and two surgery rooms. They told us today that they are all booked for this week as well as in May when they return again each year. At that time, they book for this winter trip. We hope to coordinate our dates next year, as we both like to be here the same week in the same hotel. That is both a good and bad problem if either team grows too large.

We are in the northern planes of Belize where there is the constant rumble of cane trucks if you are on the road and lots of cattle farms to pass. There are papaya groves and groves of fruit, but sugar cane is king. We are able to buy a huge bag of unprocessed raw sugar cane in a plasic bag for a few dollars and many of us have broken diets to add to our morning coffee. We used to bring coffee with us, but the last few years we discovered that Belize has a premium coffee made in Blue Creek that is fantastic. Each morning we brew our own pot for coffee lovers before the breakfast room opens.