The surgery Team thought they would have a slow day, but after Dr. Mangat appeared on television and radio on Sunday and Monday, we had some really interesting cases. Interesting in that, if we had not been able to do the case, or someone else, it would have ended very badly for the patients. One was a cancer in the nose that was quite large and needing to be removed. So, here we are on valentines night, with Tony’s all decked in red and looking forward to having lobster which is the last day of the season to catch or serve, and the surgery team will be really late. Dinner is always planned at 7 PM on these nights. That is because either the Surgery Team or the Village Team can so easily get caught and be late.

The Village Team went to San Victor. San Victor is the village we first went to so many years ago in 2004 and have kept coming back and coming back. There was a big crowd as always.

On our last day before fun day, we can post a few picks here.

Team Anesthesia

Tori in sterile pass through for instruments to sterilizer room

Dr. Tom and nurse Emily

Mennonites on screening Friday

OR in the dark Monday