The Teams had an unbelievable day Monday. The Construction Team headed to a remote three plus hour location to finish a church and took a doctor and nurse to see to the medical needs of the village.


Little Belize Mennonite Village

This is more remote than we have been in 14 years. The Village Team went to a Belizean Mennonite Village that was right out of a movie set. Called, Little Belize, this is an ultra- conservative branch of Mennonites who do not use motors to drive, so we had over 50 buggies of families waiting when we arrived. The ladies were all separate from the men. We fortunately had two female providers and seven Spanish to English translators as only a few men spoke English and none of the women or children spoke English. This means a lot of the day involved two translators from German to Spanish and then Spanish to English and back and forth. The Surgery Team and Endoscopy Team combined as Dr. Hess was under the weather and Dr. Logeman and Shores performed both their surgeries and the endoscopy procedures. We did not know that Dr. Shores performs endoscopy proceedures back home all the time at her hospital, but it was a very pleasant surprise. She performed ten in between general surgery cases and Jay Logeman three. What a full day that was!

Tuesday the teams finished up. The Village Team headed to San Narcisco to see over 250 patients! A few of the anesthesia doctors were coming over and a few nurses to experience the village. We needed them! The Construction Team finished up the work on the kindergarten and church and the children sang the Belize and US national anthem and gave them accolades and a big ceremony.

Construction Team brings The Kingdom





Wednesday as we headed off to the Mayan Ruins and other fun spots like San Pedro to fish, we heard that a lot of our advance team of 7 coming Wednesday were stuck in thunderstorms.

David’s first bone fish on fly rod- he caught bigger ones, but this is first

Thursday we should see the departure of our current 48 and the coming of a new team of 60 persons. As Doug and John and David Satterfield fish on San Pedro we also learned we need to explain that a patient age 9 has cancer after the pathology report just came. We are here with the Mom and will sit with her and explain her options. Belize has cancer treatment provide via a relationship with Mexico.