Ben Kirby with poster in front of Poly Clinic

Friday we saw over 23 dermatology patients, the dental team is still working and the general team has a slower day with a dozen patients. The Dental team saw 31 patients. It was a day to get things set up and then a half day seeing patients in the afternoon. We began the morning with breakfast and seaside devotions. Then we brought all the suitcases to the open air lobby and sorted things into categories.  But, when we left Cincinnati we had to mix a lot of items in order to keep each bag under the 50 lb wait limit. We could not have gotten one more bag on the plane without paying mucho dinero.You see a picture of the morning organizing and of Ben Kirby outside the clinic. Dr. Bauman is carrying a bag and Dr. Kerschner is working on the drugs with Nancy Griffin and her daughter Helena. When we arrived at the hospital we spent some hours setting up areas at the hospital. The Central Office of medicine gave final approval for our mission just minutes before we saw the first patient. Later in the day, we made some posters. Ben and John passed out posters in San Mateo ( a very needy area)  and got a picture of the front of the Poly Clinic.