Thursday was the travel day. Most awaking before their normal alarms going off o catch planes from New Hampshire, Wisconsin, North Carolina or Ohio. 20 people who had chosen to take a break from their lives normal routines.   we all arrived safely and on time with the exception of the three on the United flight that had to wait on the plane until the lightning had passed.  With no Jet-way, we all walk down a stairs in the open air to get off the plane . Thirty minutes later and all was good.
The Almond Tree hotel is beautiful. so glad we are “roughing” it.
Friday was our clinic or screening day. While it is advertised prior to our trip that we are screening for facial and head issues and Ear Nose and Throat problems, many come to “see the doctor”. Asthma or allergies, stomach or spine, our incredibly patient doctors see them all. They probably saw a couple hundred patients between the Northern Regional hospital in Orange Walk and Corozal Community Hospital. these two hospitals are about 45 minutes apart, enabling our team to see as many people as possible. No worries on the numbers though, because we managed to book a full slate of patients for our surgical teams!
All surgeries will be performed at the Corozal Community Hospital. They have added their new wing which houses an incredible waiting room, exam rooms and staff rooms. Dr. Sajia is one proud papa!

We are now primed and ready for the next three days of surgery!.
Many thanks to all those beck home for your emotional and financial support. we could not do this on our own.