So the adventure begins again.  You would never know from the picture that we were missing fifteen bags on our arrival to Belize.  Four personal bags and very critical medication, surgical gear, and dental gear.  (That’s right, we have dental this year!) We were able to get the bags today and we are up and running.   The dental office already saw fifty people today!  This is also the day we screen people for surgery and the amazing team screened hundreds today and have started filling the surgery schedule. The pharmacy team is sorting meds as I type this (including 50,000 vitamins) and a group of wonderful teenagers went into a village and spent the day playing with the kids.

Today is an introduction but tomorrow we get down to business. Tomorrow there will be a construction crew working on a house, surgeries will begin, the dental team will kick off for the first time with this team, and village medical will go to its first village to see patients who rarely have access to a doctor… let alone, some of the best doctors.

Remember to join this mission by praying for us this week.  We go with the prayer “Your Kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” not only on our lips but on our hands.  Every person we touch, we are asking God to move and bring health, with skill and Spirit as we offer our gifts, from the Father, to the people of Belize.

This week you may here a lot of stats but the essence is in the individual stories. Individual faces and names that God knows and loves.  Remember that every number is a face and name that we hope sees Jesus through the actions of this team.  The team here is offering their skills and time to show part of the heart of God and the Kingdom of God on earth…

In Belize

For these children of the King.