Xaibe House showing roof poured

The next Partners for Belize Mission will start Feb 2nd, 2012 with 53 heading to Belize for 7 days, and returning Feb 9th. The team is going to build a house, perform ENT and Dental surgery, offer medical evaluations in remote villages and offer children’s ministry in the process. While in Belize, the mission team will stay at Tony’s hotel and beach resort in Corozal.

Tun Family - Belize

Tun Family - Belize

Last year we found this family of eleven living in this hut when the surgery team dropped the family off in February 2011 after performing tonsilectomy on two of the boys. They have gifts in their hands from the team and had just thrown up in front of their house with post surgery nausea. We asked the local church if they were deserving of a new house when Klamath Falls First Presbyterian offered the funds. We learned the dad had been killed and that the local village had been trying to help this familly as best they could. In February of 2012, thanks to funding and labor from our team, they will move into a new home. Our team will be putting in doors and windows in a 500 square foot hurricane proof home.

Boys who had surgery

Boys who had surgery in Xaibe