The surgery team has been cranking this week with 33 surgeries completed so far.  Today is their last day for doing surgeries and they have 16 scheduled for today.  Pray today that they can complete this huge task since the most surgeries done in one day so far has been 13.  The surgery team feels they have clicked as a unit and the speed and quality at which they are now working should allow them to complete all scheduled surgeries.

Yesterday the village medical team went to Little Belize, which is a community of a little over 2,500 Mennonites.   At first the interactions were awkward due to the extreme cultural differences between us and a community that lives similar to the American Amish.  Our vans pulled up right in the middle of the crowd of horse-drawn buggies and we got to work.  By the end of the day we were old friends and we got many of them laughing and had some good conversations with the ones that could speak English.  There were not nearly as many people that need to see the doctors as in the other two villages so far (177 in one and 182 in the other) but we still had a full day and felt we were able to serve the community and connect with them as well.  Pray for the team today as we visit our last village of the week and that God brings us the people who really need the help we can offer.

Thank you all so much for your prayers this week because it has been going smoother than many of us anticipated.