We had a very busy day counting medicines and splitting into two surgery teams and two village teams to see patients who were potential surgery candidates at both Norther Regional Hospital in Orange Walk Town and Corozal Hospital in Corozal.

The surgery schedule became quite robust for Saturday to Tuesday and some very interesting cases were discovered. So much so, that the doctors and surgeons all met in the evening after dinner to discuss what they experienced.

The Construction Team worked pouring concrete all day on a sidewalk. More on that later, for the kindergarten they are working on in Louisville Belize.

The Dental Team went to the Presbyterian Clinic in Patchakan and saw some patients. They will be traveling with the village team and today went to Xiabie while another village team went to San Jose’. We have two Village Teams that perform health evaluation and offer free prescriptions.

Those who were not doctors or nurses on the Village Teams stayed at Tony’s to count medicine. The picture above show us on the outside of Tony’s ready for day two of the mission going off to surgery, construction and villages. If you get out a map you can see all these place in far Northern Belize up near the border of Mexico.