The new team with 48 people arrived with a few hours of sleep and enjoyed a meal in the hot humidity of the Belize Airport on Thursday at noon. After a long trip up country and checking in at Tony’s we enjoyed dinner by the Caribbean Bay.

The General Surgery and Endoscopy Teams met to review their team members and determine how gaps would be filled. Many of us are traveling from New York or North Carolina, St Louis and various parts to a first experience in Belize. New friendships are being formed as we quickly form and perform.

Friday was a chaotic day with the Audiology Team seeing some patients in Orange Walk before splitting to two sub teams in Corozal and Orange Walk. They are giving people hearing for the first time.

The Construction Team is putting in windows and doors in a church and taking out the supports for the new roof at the kindergarten in Louisville. The Village Team was organizing for Saturday’s first village and the massive student party next door at Blues tonight.  The Surgery Team is filling their schedule for the next four days and getting set up for both hernia repairs as well as colonoscopy procedures.