We arrived, 48 from all points in the USA, West Coast, Central, East Coast and were deposited at the Belize City Airport within 30 minutes of each other. After gathering every single bag, we headed through customs and were greeted with friendly appreciation from the customs officers who know us from previous years. Three quick miracles, safe passage of people and bags and through customs. We loaded 5 vans with 48 people and thousands of pounds of luggage. We found Belize a bit overcast and cool, but could not resist a few pictures.

Ohio Belizeans

The trip up country lasted several hours, passing cane fields, school children walking home, cattle farms, papaya farms, the cane factory. Several vans stopped at the Orange Walk Hospital, the place for surgery and dental teams, and some headed straight to the hotel another 45 minutes north. Dinner at 6 PM at the water front restaurant of Tony’s was welcome relief for travelers who had come thousands of miles and been up for a day to two days in some cases.





Friday morning breakfast was at 6:30 AM with devotions outside on the patio at 7 AM. All were challenged to allow Christ to love the people of Belize for one week and represent Christ as best they could for seven days.

First breakfast on "mission field"







Orientation at breakfast before going outside




The surgery team saw hundreds of patients at the hospital.


Hundreds come in hopes of Surgery- Belizeans and Menonites










The dental team will see their first patients tomorrow after spending a day setting up their trailer.

ENT Dr. Rick Devore sneaks into dental trailer









The construction team are hard at work for a handicapped lady with two special needs grown children.

Mayan Cave had this capstone over it, discovered by builders before our arrival

Oregonians and Belizeans working on inside of 4 room home


School girls on road in front of house at noon


Laura visits with Mom and special needs children who await moving from a hut to a hurricane proof home

The village team helped count medicine and organized before 4 days of village clinics and the doctors and most nurses on that team helped all day at the hospital to identify patients needing surgeries.