So, I don’t have the pictures yet from the surgical team but here is a snapshot of what the Village Medical team did today.

About 25% of the 500 person village we went to today had signed up to be seen by the medical team.  First, everyone was weighed and checked in.

After this, Kate took their blood sugar level like a boss.

The Nurses took vitals, medical histories and and found out why they needed to see the Doc.  Melanie and Judy are here meeting with families of the village.

After the nurses the patients went to the next room over and were examined by the Doctors.  This is Dr. Jim’s first medical missions trip.

Dr. Dave has been here many times and was enjoying the day like an old pro.

Dr. Susan is here on her first trip to Belize but you would have never known it.  She seemed so natural as she met with patients.

Dr. Kurt gets the coolest photo of the day in my book.  This is him giving a man a shot in his knee.

Last stop on the tour was to our amazing Pharmacy team.

The whole day went really well and the village was blessed.  We worked and played hard to the glory of the God who’s image we were there to reflect.   The whole Village team was fantastic!