There was a real sense this past week that God was with us.  Three little stories stick out to me as evidence that there is a God and He is with us as we go.  We go for Him and He walks with us.

Story One:  One of our Dentists, Dr. Womack, had been having severe shoulder pain pervious to the trip. He hadn’t told anyone, but he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to do dental work that week because of how bad it was.  At the first morning devotions we sang a song called “Invitation Fountain.”  There is a line in the song that says, “Come and heal me Lord I will follow.” When we sang that line something happened in Dr. Womack’s shoulder and the pain completely disappeared. He had absolutely no pain and full range of motion the whole time.  We go for Him and He walks with us.

Story Two:

A large part of our group came from Klamath Falls Oregon. Klamath Falls has a population of just over 20,000 people (according to the 2010 US census) and the surrounding areas make up a community of around 60,000 people total.  So… small town to say the least.  Part of the team from Klamath Falls spent the week working on a house for a family there.  We met the family last year when two of the little boys had their tonsils taken out by our surgeons. This is how we discovered the need.  The whole team went to dedicate the house on Tuesday morning after it had been completed.  As the team walked around the property they found a truck mud flap that said on it “Olson Truck Sales Klamath Falls Oregon.  Ok, get this. Olsen Truck Sales was a very small trucking company that was only in business from 1973 to 1977 in a small town in Oregon. Somehow, a mud flap from that company ended up in the backyard of the family who the team built a house for out in the middle of rural Belize.  Anyone want to take a crack at the mathematical odds of that?

Story Three:   Sometimes I say that God winks at us.  One of the boys realized that he had lost his passport the day before we left.  They looked everywhere for it.  Searched his belongings several times over and searched our six vans several times over with no sign of it. They made a plan to get him a temporary passport to get him back home the next day with the rest of us.  They would leave at 4:30am and drive three hours to an Embassy to get a temporary passport.  At 4:30 that morning as they were leaving, they got in one of the six vans to leave, and one of the guys reach down into the side pocket of the door, felt something, and pulled out the passport. I’m just sayin’