Our last day of work. Where did the week go so quickly? One day to fly in, one day to organize and screen for patients, and our last day of four to perform our tasks.
The day began with eight white fifteen passenger vans converging

on the tiny village of Patchakan (just south of Corozal). The team members came to pray and tour and sing and cry and rejoice and marvel. The Construction Team handed over the keys after Rafael Cob, our local connection from Belize, and pastor Jim Riggs shared a few thoughts. Nick Devore and Jordan Coyner sang several songs as well. One family in Belize of eleven totally changed by a simple home they could never accomplish in their lifetime. This family was chosen due to their terrible living conditions and their life situation that harbored no avenue to accomplish this alone.

Everyone was moved by the occasion on a day that was bright skies and unseasonably cool for Belize at 61 degrees. We loved the weather all week, and thankfully we had no rain as the hotel only has 62 seats inside for breakfast and dinner and we number 74. This is due to their renovations underway.

The two Village Teams both saw over two hundred patients in two villages: Xiabie and San Pablo. The medicines we brought are all distributed out. This was the first year to have two full teams of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and support for two full teams of village. The result was eight villages seen instead of four (which helped cover for another church that dropped out of Belize this same year).

The Dental Team is the last to finish up today as we squib this text. They may not be home until 8 PM. They went back to the Presbyterian Clinic today, after another village day in Sta. Marta yesterday. They disappointed the Presbyterian Clinic by cancelling on Monday, but felt called to go to those furthest out seeing many people who had not seen a dentist for years or ever before. One patient that was two years old, from Sta. Marta, was put under anesthesia and treated at the Corozal Hospital with a one hour surgery. They left their village at 6:30 in the morning, were picked up by a nurse from another village, drove to Corozal for two hours, waited three hours, were recovered after an hour surgery and might be home at 7PM. But, they were thrilled that doctors and nurses cared enough to come to their village. They were thrilled that we had surgeons who would give the operating room time to the dentist, so that he could do this life saving case for a child with a horrible gum infection. They were just grateful that God sent someone along to show that He cares.