Saturday in Belize was a busy day with all the seventy four team memberss going in different directions and different villages. The night before, we had a report on how all the screening of patients went at the hospital. We learned that there were over sixty surgeries scheduled (short and long) for the coming four days. The construction team had some siding up already after a super day. The dental team worked until five seeing patients that Friday and nearly 900,000 pills of various sorts were counted and labeled and organized.
Saturday morning began with some taking a ride on bikes to the Mexico border and back. The team loves to get up and see the sunrise at the back of Tony’s Hotel and Beach Resort before breakfast begins at 6:30 AM. At 7 A.M. Jordan and Nick shared an inspiring song and Pastor Jim continued with his message on what our shirt scripture means when is talks about running with endurance the race God has set before us. After the surgery team left at 7:45 there was a sudden realization that we were missing one of our eight vans. We had six keys for vans and all the keys matched the properly numbered vans except van #2. Was it stolen? Was it at Maya Hotel? We sent a van to look up there a quarter mile up the street. Some of us stay a half of a mile down at Almond Tree and it was not there either. After twenty minutes of confusion, we realized that the van had been left at the hospital, so we lost a van! We had the keys, but no van. Mystery solved, and a new appreciation for the logistics of organizing 74 people, the teams headed out to construction, dental and two separate villages. Yo Creek and August Pine Ridge are remote villages an hour away and 75 minutes away from Corozal. The team arrived and saw 140 patients at each village. It was a great day for the village team. Meanwhile the dental and construction teams were very effective at progressing patients and progressing the house. Back at the Corozal Hospital, the surgery team struggled to get the equipment working. By noon, they started their first patients. The result was a very late return of the surgery team at 8:30 for half and 10:30 for the other half.

Nurse Nichole and Dr. Ron