All the teams are at work this morning. Tony’s has been a great place to rest, reflect and restore each night with quiet oceanside setting, safe and good food with very attentive staff. The morning devotions focused on seeing God do his work, “His will be done, His Kingdom come,” during our time in Belize.  We shared what God had done and what we saw yesterday.

View from "mission hotel"

Ron Devore shared the tears he experienced in hearing the story of a lady who was beaten and left for dead and has been restored by the Horizon church plastics team and now she is so grateful for the surgery to her septum to further complete her health. It was hard to hear of an extremely sad story and experience someone who was grateful to be alive and hopeful and appreciative to the visiting teams. Jon Nielson shared about digging a septic pit with the helps of 2, then 3, then 4, then 5 local teens. The boys passed by and seeing the 6’3″ American they were curious and then joined to help.  They dug a pit 6 feet wide and 3 feet deep taking turns with the tools in the rocky soil.  Tory shared that she had given 100 hugs and some special prayers to the adult handicapped daughter, one of two sisters who will live in this house with her sister and her Mom. It is such a tough situation, and yet the family not only survives but they are a blessing in their spirits to the community.


This morning the surgery team struggled to get the things they needed to do 14 surgeries scheduled for the day. Screening day, yesterday was a long day and the schedule of patients is full for all four days, so there is no room for missing patients. They came after a night of fasting and are anxious to have their surgeries in their past now that the day has begun. At noon only one surgery had begun. Avid blog watchers can pray for safety and smooth surgeries today.

Two Belizeans and three of surgery team with "halo effect"










Dental team in trailer

The dental team was set up and ready to go yesterday but the hospital asked them to wait till today to see their first patients. They had done nearly two dozen surgeries by mid day with more to come.

You don't need to see all these dental insruments

The village medical team served in Carmelita. It has rained for all the days we have been here, not normally with a downpour, but a mist with occassional downpours.

Dr. Seely and nurse Donna with patient and translator Thie

People were slow to come to the clinic, so after getting set up and praying with those who were there, the team moved to process the first 50 patients and sent “medical evangelists” around the neighborhood to share the news that the clinic was in town. It is 1:15 Central time as this is posted.

Craft table at clinic Saturday

Dr Ljungren and patient in village


Kids crafts

Nurse Merlaine at Clinic Saturday

Checking in at village clinic Saturday

Saturday physical therapist Rick shares new strategies with patient