Who really worked on this septic pit?

The teams all started with a new desire to see God enable us to help today. “Give us this day our daily bread.” Last night the surgery team did not get back till 11 PM and had a very stressful day. We shifted some team members and prayed for God to give the surgery team especially His protection and blessing. The surgeries all seemed to flow so much better today. All the surgery slots were filled so any new people coming for help are being evaluated and sent to the next screening team with Horizon Community Church coming February 8th for a repeat mission of ENT and plastics.

The Dental team processed another 60 patients and had a great day. The food brought in to the hospital is really fantastic including great desserts.

The village clinic team went to a new village to us, a half hour or more southwest of Orange Walk called August Pine Ridge. Another 150 patients were seen by the village team. Most of the people could not speak english at all. Good practice for tomorrow when the village team will go to the village of Shipyard which is one of the huge Menonite Villages.

The construction team got the scoop on the Mayan cave today. Some ancestors have told about big bolders that marked certain important sites and there was a big bolder near this cave. The team put in the windows and doors and some rough framing of the interior wall. All the youth helped at the house today, where yesterday they all helped at the village clinic. The food made for the house team today was over the top.