Today was a day to cry and work and say good bye to new friends.


2013 January Team of 48


2013 January Team of 48

The day started with the normal breakfast at 6:30 but instead of devotions at 7, we all loaded the vans and headed to Patchakan village, the place where a house was built with $8,000 dollars, lots of love and yesterday-10 gallons of paint by our youth.

Worship at the new house dedication

We all walked about and for many, this was the only chance to see exactly how people do live in Belize. We walked through the new two bedroom home and marveled that this was the first time that these ladies would be able to feel safe and protected night and day. This was the first time that Mom who is 70 plus would be able to get into her new home and try out her new legs.

As to the legs, our two physical therapists, Rick and Melissa Stocker came on faith. Their faith was that we needed them, and ours was that there would be a reason and purpose for physical therapists on our team. We were all surprised by how God used them. Every day at the clinics, nearly one third of the patients also saw and benefited from these two. They did a lot. But, the most moving thing was that they noticed something in this dear lady, that she had potential no one else could imagine. If she only had the right device to steady herself, she did have the strength to pull herself up and

Rick and Melissa Stocker

with the right device, she could walk. They went to the hardware yesterday and purchased items and put together her own customized pvc walker on wheels. Now, through the ministry of Christ- she can walk about her own new house.

Needless to say, when we sang and heard this story and saw her this morning, we knew that whatever else we did as a team, God sent us to Belize to be a small part of this family. The neighbors who had cared for her and the church that organized cooks and meals for them are a much bigger part of her care than we were,

Jesus heals makes the lame walk

but what a priviledge to be here today and sing and pray and see God work. Amy asked us to bring clothing or items that the daughters could use and that was part of our offering. We wiped our eyes, took a team photo and were off to one last day.

The clinic in Yo Creek went quite well and say another 160 patients.

The dental team stayed quite busy and ended the day at the hotel doing teeth for hotel staff and neighborhood children. Last night the medical team had done the same.

Three dentists worked in dental trailer

The surgery backbone

The surgery team finished up the day when it was still daylight, walking outside at 5:08 PM to see the sunset and drive home before dark, which is 6 PM here in Belize (year round since being so close to the equator.

Tomorrow a few us head home early, but most are going cave tubing, or boating to the Mayan ruins, or taking in scuba fishing and shopping on San Pedro Island. Thanks for all who have prayed.  We need your prayers for safe travel home and for the work of Christ to linger and flourish here with the seeds planted.

Surgery friends Dr. Jim, Lupe, Dr. Ron, Andre', Dr. Rick, Spencer









Dr. Devore and nurse Callahan examine patient