We are 16 in all, a doctor, a pastor, nurses, pharmacists, soccer moms and 7 sons and daughters. We are from Cincinnati and Winston Salem, arriving in Belize July 29th and staying till August 5th to serve a small number of the 20,000 year- round residents of the famous tourist haven island, Amberquis Caye. Several of us have been to Belize for mainland missions, and came here for a “fun day.” But, over and over the people who work at hotels and tourist services asked us to bring a mission to their home. “Why do you always come in February and March?,” we were often asked. We will partner with a local clinic to offer medical evaluations for hundreds of local residents. We will partner with a local church to help repair and paint their church and provide Vacation Bible School. We go to offer help, but those of us who have been before, know we will be more changed than those we seek to serve. Leanna Paz, of Winston Salem, attended a Horizon Community Church Mission in Belize in February of 2010. She asked other to join her and give their sons and daughters a chance to serve alongside and see Christ’s Love in action. This is the first annual trip by our assembled group.