This morning the VBS team planned out their day and headed over. At 9 AM a few kids started to filter in. All of the sudden by 9:20 there were dozens of kids. Name tags were made for the kids and the Bible story of the day was acted out. God’s comfort in times of trouble, is the theme from Paul’s shipwreck on Malta in Acts 27. The VBS is all part of a pirate theme from a VBS package donated to us. The large posters and lots of goodies were also donated by a large Winston Salem Church that did the same VBS for 600 kids. There supplies are going to good use for the poor of Belize. Three blocks away at the clinic, the lobby and wards are buzzing with wall to wall patients. The word is out and there are lots of people to see the medical team. We have really liked the hotel, Corona Del Mar, and the main restaurant where we have eatten each night, George’s. The hotel and restaraunt are across from each other on the two way street here. The street is mostly busy with bycicles, golf carts and a few taxis. Most people on the island rely on golf carts to get around. The hotel is a short walk from the clinic and church, but a half mile from the center of town. Close enough to walk, but far enough to avoid the late night noise from bars and revelers. We are talking to the hotel about coming again next summer with our team.