Monday we arrived at the clinic to find the doors open before 8 A.M. All morning patients were in lines waiting to sign up and get a paper to be seen. Their names are called and then they wait near the dental, dermatology, or general clinic. There are also other clinics going on that are part of the normal operation of this mini hospital. Poly clinic means mini hospital, so the name Poly Clinic is used for two facilities in the country. This one actually says, “Poly II.” There are 5 regional hospitals in Belize and they all are capable of doing some surgery, some more than others. The largest being in Belize City. There are 5 regions to the country so each region claims a regional hospital. The island of San Pedro does not have a hospital with surgical facilities, so it has the Poly Clinic II. See page 2 and click to read on.

John shares a devotion on beach in morning