The Day started with breakfast at 6:30, devotions at 7 and departure by 8. Jim Zartman leads in song and also shared the message portion of devotions today.

Cane trucks are frequent on ride to Orange Walk

The teams went in opposite directions with each having a 45 minute van ride.

The Surgery Team has started their first day of surgery while the village clinic team is deployed to a remote village called Copper Bank. The hospital where surgery is normally performed is under renovation, so a private clinic is being held a block away.

Parents wait in surgery waiting area

There are 39 patients scheduled for surgery after yesterday’s long evaluation day. If 39 surgeries are done in 3 days it will be a miracle all in itself. But, as of 1 PM local time, the system of transporting patients a few at a time and performing surgery seemed to be going well.

Patient enters surgery site from hospital ambulance

Seven surgeries were already performed against the day’s goal of 15 cases.

Surgery Room Prepared for next case