Ok, I really want to get into specifics and share the stories but there is so much going on right now that I think I will have to give a bunch of snapshots to start us off.  So here is the really broad snapshot of what we did today.

Construction:  Construction team has neared the completion of a home for a family who’s house burned down a couple years ago.  They have struggled with a place to live since the father died.  According to the family getting the house.  They team was the answer to their prayers and by the end of the week they can move in!

Village Carnival:  So these awesome teens and leaders were doing face painting, nails, stories, a puppet show and letting the village kids play with a parachute!  They kept the moral up the whole day as families waited in the hot sun to be seen by the medical team and made waiting fun.  The whole mood of the process was better because the kids were happy playing and the parents watching their kids have fun.

Village Nursing: These champs kept things cranking and were the starting point for the 210 patients seen in the village today.  Here a kid is getting his ear cleaned out.  (It’s not all pretty)

Village Doctors: This was one of my favorite pictures of today as one of our first timers injects the shoulder of a patient who was in pain but will now be able to use his arm without pain for months. These Docs are not only amazing at what they do but proved to have amazing hearts as well.

Dental: 75 patients in a mobil dental office set up in a trailer.  How awesome is that.  This team is working together like pros from the first minute they started.

Surgical: I will have much more on this tomorrow.  The surgical team is actually working really late.  They go all out when they are here.  This is a microscope as one of the Docs is checking her ear.