Chad Mackey opening paint

Painting church in Belize

Joseph Kirby painting church

We paid $1 Belize to take this boat to San Mateo

Building Lot for Sale in San Mateo

San Mateo homes

London Bridges, the only way in and out of San Mateo

Morning Devotions at ocean.

7 AM devotions

The Dwelling Place Mission Devotions

Painting the back of church Friday

San Mateo neighborhood, houses in water

We had breakfast of hard boiled eggs, fresh fruit, toast, and some sundries at 6:30. We will meet for devotions at 7 and then off to the day. The medical team saw 35 patients yesterday and expects that to be a warm up day. The word is getting around that we are here and more are expected today and lots of Monday and Tuesday. The church that was painted, Living Word, will be the site for the rest of us, as we go to serve as replacement teachers and John will share a message. We hope to spread the word to these kids to bring back their friends to VBS on Monday and Tuesday. There are two kids who are local sellers of jewelry that we befriended, Isiah and Morrison, who will be coming with us to VBS tomorrow as well. We will try to post some more pictures as we can.