We picked up a van of local translators,volunteers from Corozal churches, and headed to Progresso.

Vans loading up after breakfast

Progresso is a remote village Southeast of Corozal. It is only accessible via a bumpy, dusty road after crossing a hand cranked ferry. We have the largest Village Team we have ever had before. Today we have 12 doctors. One of which was from the Anesthesia Team today.

6:30 Breakfast

At our breakfast this morning we heard from Dr. Mangat as he told of his passion to help the people of Belize. It began for him in 2007 as a one time trip. He had thought to give back more after retirement. But,that one time trip, has become an annual trip and for three years, a bi-annual surgery trip. Yesterday the Surgery Team clocked ten plus hours to perform 24 surgeries.  Our devotion this morning noticed the plural of “Our Father,” Give us this day”, “forgive us,” as we forgive, “lead us not into,” and deliver us…” As Americans we can find it hard to think of we and us, but Jesus modeled community in his prayer. There is such a strong sense of community on a global service trip with a new collection of people that are the community of Christ for a week. The hardest part of going back home is to return to a world of me, myself and I. The Belizean culture is a rich example of people who live in community and interdependence. They inspire us in that and many other ways. They are an easy people to love and serve.

Local Peace Core helping boys raise money for a leadership camp under the tree with slide





Village Doctors in Progresso

A few more tables needed please. Helpful Mennonite who showed up for the clinic asked to help