The theme today was prayer and we were looking for simple ways to pray and see answers. The clinic team only saw 7 patients in the morning so some posters were placed around town and a few team members went to talk it up. The clinic was left with a local to take new patients while the team went to church, since it was a bit slow. It was an exciting service and afterwards a full dinner was held to thank the team for their help. Two of the nurses were called back as soon as they could return since our prayers were answered and a lot of patients came. At the end of the day, 50 patients were seen on day two. The children’s team planned out Sunday school and replaced all the teachers so they could go to church. In the afternoon plans were made for Vacation Bible School and posters were walked around and placed in small markets and places people would come. Tommorrow will be day one of VBS and day 3 of the clinic. One of our team, Felicia, who came from Belize City to be part of our team, shared that her Dad was attached in late May and was in ICU still in Miami Florida. The church prayed for her dad and asked God to do a miracle. We had not known this about Felicia’s dad. The report this afternoon is that he was making really good progress and that his wound was finally closed to begin the final healing and the return to walking.