Unlike past years for our October Medical trip, this year we are blessed to have two other teams. Audiologists are performing hearing tests and also getting people fitted for hearing aids. These will be delivered on the next trip in January/February. In the last two days, a team of two audiologists have already seen over 80 patients!

Our surgical team of anesthesiologists, nurses and surgeons performed 24 procedures in a long day. Noses were rebuilt, tonsils removed, ears reshaped among many other operations. a truly dedicated team diligently working to help as many people as possible.

We are also blessed this year to have a primary care physician from North Carolina and his wife spend time traveling to villages to see patients who need immediate care and cannot get to a clinic.  About a dozen home visits, many times seeing the entire family!

All told, just yesterday, Saturday, we touched over seventy-five lives.  it is amazing to learn that when you reach out to help someone else, you can also be touched yourself by the interaction.  The Belizeans are kind, caring and patient people. Appreciative of the services and caring shown by this team.  Changes are occurring!