Didn’t we just get here?  Time to go AGAIN?  I don’t want to go home is the now frequent saying the last two days.  While four people already “transitioned” back into the real world, those still in Belize have relished their time here.  not wanting it to end is a great sign,  One that means to me, “I want to do more.”

However, as they say, all good things come to an end.  To go home, back to jobs and families and everyday life in the states.  How can it ever be the same for anybody. Twenty people ventured in to Belize last Thursday and performed 69 surgical procedures, 142 audiology tests, saw over twenty people who could not make it to the clinic/hospital.  All this from twenty brave, dedicated and giving professionals.  But I think they know now it is not those numbers that really count. Each patient had a family and friends. The staff at the hospitals in both Corozal and Orange Walk.  So many people affected by their skills. So many lives touched and changed.  The 2017 October surgical team realize that these numbers affected and changed them as well.  Meeting such caring, patient and friendly people as the Belize are rubbed off on the team.

We talked each morning about well known sayings.  Go the extra mile; the eleventh hour; The golden rule; nothing new under thee sun; all  from the bible, Who knew?  What is it really saying though?  The team learned that we must stop focusing on ourselves if we truly want to change the world.  We change the world one person at a time.  As we are learning, sometimes that change comes to ourselves.

Many thinks to all those back home for their support and love while down here.  We are hopeful that many of those on this trip will return. I heard many asking about the january/february trips as well as making sure they have time next October.  I think we will all go home and think everyday about our experience in Belize and making it happen again. I look forward to seeing everyone. What a great team.