Well, today we all got up a bit tired. One of us, Nancy is sick with a headache and not able to go with us. At devotions we talked about what we expected when we came and how the mission experience is different. Jesus said that if you want to increase your faith, serve with abandon. This trip has increased our faith and has been a chance to represent Christ. We have been busy and are feeling spent in a good way. We will take back the people of Belize in our hearts. But, we also remembered that when Jesus sent out the 70 to minister they came back excited by what they had done. He challenged them to rejoice most of all that our names are written in heaven. God’s individual love and grace to us is more than anything we could ask for or have wanted. Hid mercy is always new each morning.

As we took our group picture and made it to the clinic we were greeted by long lines and lots of children. Ben and John sat on the floor and colored with dozens of kids using the international language of coloring fun.

Teaching John to color in Spanish

Dr. Kerschner will see lots of general patients, Dr. Bauman will see twice as many patients as a typical day at home- perhaps 50, and the dentists will be operating on three people at a time upstairs till late today. We will be tired at days end, and glad that we did not try to plan more work days. Our ambitions are always big when we come, but the press of the days, the people, and the heat wears on us and reminds us that we have limited amounts to give out.  We will post a lot of pictures tomorrow and Thursday when we have some more “down time” before we leave Belize. It is day’s end as we update this. More pictures will be posted later, but we are all pretty tired and will be updating later.

Maureen poses over a patient