Partners for Belize is a partnership bringing the Good News and improving the medical and economic self sufficiency of Belizeans.

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Belize, formerly British Honduras, is a country with 320,000 residents in Central America. A two hour plane ride from the U.S. border, this land is rich in beauty and attractive to tourists the world over. The people of Belize are proud of their rich history and culture and are extremely pleasant partners. Belizeans desire and welcome the support and partnership of others who can help them build better systems through their own government, churches, and civic organizations. Some of the most dire partnership needs currently being requested include medical specialists not affordable in a country of their small population base and per capita income. The ultimate goal of all these partnerships is to help Belizeans to grow to the place of self sufficiency. The government of Belize has requested that this partnership would continue. See upcoming trips tab above.

Recent Posts

Surgery day 1, Audiology and home visits

Unlike past years for our October Medical trip, this year we are blessed to have two other teams. Audiologists are performing hearing tests and also getting people fitted for hearing aids. These will be delivered on the next trip in January/February. In the last two...

Arrived and working with friends.

Thursday was the travel day. Most awaking before their normal alarms going off o catch planes from New Hampshire, Wisconsin, North Carolina or Ohio. 20 people who had chosen to take a break from their lives normal routines.   we all arrived safely and on time with the...


Started by volunteers over ten years ago, teams have grown from 36 per year to over 190 participants in 2016.


The northern end of Belize is specifically an area under-serviced by other such partnerships or visiting teams. It is a land of sugar cane fields, cattle flatlands and papaya groves.

Commitment & Strategy

Partner teams are encouraged to make a long term commitment to stay with and visit their villages and medical facilities on at least an annual basis. Idealy, they would partner to help and equip them where possible for their year round programs. The current strategy is for short trips to bring training as well as medical and material aide, housing, and children’s ministry to 50 northern Belize villages on an annual basis. Currently 12 villages are being serviced.