Yesterday, Friday, the teams saw nearly two hundred patients in two hospitals. Orange Walk Hospital called Northern Regional

Mennonites on screening Friday at Orange Walk Hospital

and Corozal Hospital. Patients were registered by the hospital staff, then seen by our nurses from the Village Team, then seen by general doctors from the Village Team, then by our surgical nurses and surgeons. Lastly they had to be evaluated by the Anesthesia Team.

Corozal Hospital


We also saw over fifty patients for heart evaluations. Many of the patients had previous heart surgery or serious issues. So the team that worked from 9 AM to 7 PM felt like their time was well spent. Dr. Roberts, who stayed some extra days with his family from last week (since they arrived late due to an ice storm, they cancelled their fun trip to the island to work until Saturday with our team of 60 here this week) reported on the experience at breakfast.

Dr. Matthew Roberts gives report at breakfast

He was one of two ER doctors helping with the heart clinic along with Nithul Mathur heart PA from New York and Dr. Greg Lam, heart doctor from Columbus

Sunrise at Tonys

We had a wonderful student party with students in grades 7,8,9,10th that we help to sponsor to stay in school. We had pizza and salad and of course Fanta and Coca Cola at Blues Corozo, a restaurant next to Tonys, so also on the Caribbean Bay. It was great to meet Belize students and talk and encourage them.

Sponsoring a Student for $350 US is a goal we have for another hundred students beyond our current one hundred