Last night the team found out that the construction team added a roof to the home. Now, even in rain they will be making progress daily. Of course it is not raining today on Sunday anyway. But, just saying…

Anesthesia consult with Mennonite Women

The Surgery Team came home excited that the completed sixteen cases, tonsils and hands and many cases that would never be done, had they not come. They had trouble with the equipment, so while they arrived at 8 AM they did not start surgery until 11 AM. By 7 PM they were walking out to head for dinner at Tonys.


The Village Teams both had great days. The San Pablo Village saw over 150 patients and gave out many readers.

Outside in quarantine for flu at San Pablo Clinic


The Xiabe Village Team gave examined over 150 patients and also performed back massages.

Getting ready at San Pablo


Today the team had 6:30 breakfast, left for surgery and construction and villages between 7:40 and 8 AM. Our devotions were on the riches of being able to ask for our daily bread. We talked about anything that was missing from the over 100 suitcases. We found that we had a few items critical to one team, in another persons’s bag. You have not because you ask not. We asked and received, all except for that we needed two sharps containers for the two village teams. No worries, we will do without. Believe it or not, the translators showed up with two sharps containers when they arrived. :)

The Village Teams are on their farthest and most remote of days. The first village took 2 hours to reach. The second took two and one half hours to reach them. Chuox and Sarteneja are hard to reach because the trip is slowed by crossing a river near our hotel when we first leave and crossing a lagoon entrance near the villages. With both of these crossing we have to get four vans onto small ferries. In both cases we needed to wait and unload all passengers and then help run a hand crank to move the ferry on a steel cable across to the other side. We needed two ferries to reach the other side in both cases. The people who live here have to take buses when they want to get to town and they need their school teachers and others to take buses in each week day. That is why we come on Sunday when the traffic is less congested to reach these remote villages. They were so appreciative that we made the journey. Four vans filled with 12 or more people with the addition of 10 translators we are transporting to help us.

Ferry One of two today

Setting up Clinic in Sarteneja

Sign up at Sarteneja