It is day two already and our first post down here. Thursday the team traveled and arrived all but one of the 60 of us on time with all bags. Alisha Anderson came from Indianapolis and after a four hour delay and several unplanned cities ended up in Belize and was a bit late to dinner. We are staying at Tony’s and Corozal Bay Inn taking over the two hotels and eating breakfast and dinner at Tony’s.

Cane truck on Northern Highway

Primary Mode of Transportation


Surgery team with Ms. Longsworth of Northern Regional Hospital

The first day driving up country and seeing the hospital, by the time we arrived most were relieved to find out that the accomodations are really quite nice and the food and tropical location on the Carribean Bay is a nice alternate to the freezing weather back home.

Day One consisted of organizing the medicines at the hospital and “screening” over 140 patients to see who in fact needed surgery. So Friday, the vast majority went to Northern Regional Hospital in Orange Walk, the construction team went to San Narcisco to begin the house work, and the pharmacy and village support staff stayed in Corozal City to count pills and organize for Carmelita. The Construction team was joined by the homeowner all day putting up interior division walls of 2/4s and thin masonite board for dividers between two modest bedrooms, a family room/kitchen and a small bathroom. The dental team saw a few dozen patients, and the logistics team just tried to keep it all going.


Morning devotions at Tony's




Jackie Graham

meets Children of Carmelita


Day Two is in process as we write. The village team is in Carmelita, just south of Orange Walk and has seen over one hundred patients. The surgery team is having what must be their best day ever with two dozen surgeries on the first day, and the dental and construction teams are hard at w

ork as well.

Carmelita children on tire swings

We will have more reports later, but knew we needed to get some pictures out.

The local media arrived yesterday and now everywhere we go, people mention seeing us on TV.

Please be praying for us, as we are for y

ou back home.

Ramirez Family by soon to be new home
John Kirby




Annie Rinaldi on screening day with new best friend