It is 2:10 PM Belize time, 12:10 in Oregon and 3:10 in Cincinnati. All the teams were up early to another beautiful Belize day. Eating breakfast in the open air dining room and moving to the shaded patio to sing and listen to a devotional thought amidst the palm trees and bay breezes. It is hot now in the middle of the day.

Which van do I get in this morning?

The village team is in the village of Yo Creek west of the Orange Walk Hospital. They are having a busy day. Yesterday at August Pine Ridge was one of their busiest ever. They got home last night in the dark after a long drive both ways of 90 minutes and a huge patient load. Celebrations were shared at dinner and afterwards in small groups.

You said you were just going to look at my teeth




The dental team moved for two days to the Patchakan Clinic in Corozal district. They left the hospital having done nearly 400 procedures in three days. Most patients had 3 or 4 procedures instead of having them wait for the next dental team to do each procedure.





Dr. Rom at Friday screening for potential patients needing surgery

The surgery team is having another great day. They returned well in time for dinner last night, which is a huge improvement over last years as we have said.








The construction team is finishing up details on the first house and moving to complete the second house as well.



Helping to paint my house-Sunday

Plans are under way for the fun day Wednesday, which seems quite close with just a day and a half more of work time.

Thanks for all who are praying back home. We have seen some near misses and some quick answers to prayer a-plenty.