We awoke to a wonderful clear, albeit cold day. Cold as in felt chilly to us and we were wearing sweat shirts in some cases. But, a beautiful sunrise rising over the Carribean bay waterfront as we waited for Tonys to open up for 6:30 AM breakfast. A few ventured out on bicycles at 5 in the morning to touch the Mexican border and got an amazing view of the sunrise on their return down to Tony’s. We have had several rainy days and while yesterday appeared to be the clearing, at the end of the day there were tornado like storm blasts. We nearly missed the closing of the first ferry as the tide and waves and wind turned a glass like tranquil ferry crossing on the way over to a Sea of Galilee raging storm. They did close the ferry at Chunox crossing after we passed over it and it was a little frightening as it was. There was only one cable holding the weight of two heavy vans and a small car in front of our last village group to return last night. The ferry man barely got us accross and then struggled to get the edge low enough to have the car and vans leave.

Tranquil first crossing of ferry at lagoon entrance became raging on our return


This morning that was all forgotten as Alexis led us once again with beautiful and inspiring music. The message of the morning was on the riches we have in forgiveness from God.

Morning Devotions with Alexis Gomez from Nashville Tennessee




The village teams headed to August Pine Ridge and Yo Creek, two villages south west of Orange Walk Town.

August Pine Clinic at a church in afternoon after crowds slowing up

Inside Church at August Pine Clinic



The surgery team had a full day scheduled. Our visiting urologist and hand surgeon both had cases and then were transported down to the villages to see the over two hundred patients between the two villages.

The construction team will be front and center tomorrow as we will visit their work site. All 56 of us, plus relatives. That will be the place of our morning devotions and then onto a last day of surgery and villages.

Just before roof added

Roof on and interior walls under way

Team in front of house with roof and windows and siding. Dedication comes Tuesday morning

Mom and son and daughter with friend in front of 180 square foot current home (nearby home of neighbor in background)